Tuesday, February 23, 2010

our brand new life

Aliza Marie, just minutes old...

how sleep deprivation leads to mis-understandings/ some notes on our first days as parents

hubs: (in response to baby fussing) check her arms
me: they seem fine
hubs: no, her lower arms
me: um, you mean her legs?
hubs: oh yeah I forgot there's a name for those

hubs: what do you want for breakfast?
me: english muffin
hubs: butter? honey? (meaning the condiment)
me: butter, honey (meaning just butter, honey-term of endearment)
breakfast outcome questionable

me: I'm so glad you get to stay home with me, it's like a vacation, like a honeymoon!
hubs: yeah you are preoccupied with something the whole time and you don't get any sleep
me: (dreamy, doped up on baby love hormones) yeah...
hubs: (sarcastic, bleary eyed monster) yeah...

many more witty discussions to come

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